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Getting Excited


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Im getting excited only 3 days left till the Sept 17 Concert at UMB in STL. The girl that was going with me backed out but now one of my other friends from work is going and my mom of all people is wanting to go too because she has started to like them as well. Sorry this is just rambling on but I'm getting SUPER EXCITED!!!

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Weeee! Gald you didn't get screwed like we did!


Weeeeeee! Coldplay!!!!!


See you in 2006 .... Not.

Man you are bitter. So is that why you joined here? To complain your mouth off about the terrible situation you are in? You're not the only one. No one here is insulting the band - calling them liars, like you are. I for one know Chris was really sick, he said so on our show when he messed up a song. But you can believe what you like, it's still not going to change your situation, is it?


No one wants you to read your bitter and sarcastic posts like this one DavidW. You can be the childish, immature, pissy little boy that you are being right now, but don't damper other people's excitement over seeing the band. Do you not realize that you're the only one doing this?

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So glad to see they pulled thru at Tonight's show after resting thru Tampa and Birmingham.I wonder now if they will play a few more dates and then skip a couple of other venue's so Chris can rest. I wonder.... how can so many other Artist's and Bands get it done without cancelling out shows.Im not talking just U2,The Stones and other bands,but MANY other Artist's seem to get it together and get the job done.A Singer's voice should be the most precious thing to TAKE CARE OF,not forget about till it gets so shot. Whatever Miraculous thing that Doc gave him in West Palm,he shouldve taken extra for Tampa and Birmingham.Sorry,but I dont understand.Coldplay is getting a BAD reputation for cancelling shows,they have done it before,is doing it now and seemingly WILL keep doing it.My hopes were dashed that night and I honestly dont think I can ever be that excited on seeing them again after what happened.Does it make me not as "True" a fan? Maybe in your eyes.I am just so very dissappointed that even hearing their songs makes me so sad.And how should I feel when I come on here and see threads about the concert tonight and the one's in the future where people say WOW! Great show! Its like salt in this wound. 2 years of waiting to see them Live......I havent loved a band this much in years so yeah, I'm devastated.Call me crazy but I think Tampa and Birmingham should be added at the end of the American tour,or do whatever they have to to make it up to the fans SOMETHING better than "See ya next year!".Am I asking for too much?,not at all.These cities will end up being the forgotten ones and thats a damn shame.Before this when I mentioned going to this concert that never happened,most people said "Coldplay? Who's that?,never heard of them".I think soon enough I will be saying the same,that is after I sell my Coldplay Cd's and DVD's on Ebay for a Dollar.I'm done.


* Note from Me*

Dear Coldplay,I am so sorry your voice was tired out from playing so many venue's in America that you felt you needed a break at the expense of 20+ thousand fans.I'm very happy these few days of rest got you through tonight's show without a hitch.Perhaps you need a better Tour promoter or start taking better care of your instrument,maybe? I hope you lost a great deal of money from these missed venues,but you will make it up,I'm sure-unlike the rest of us.All we got to show for being your fans was a flyer handed to us by the workers blocking the entrance or an announcement on the radio,THANK YOU SO MUCH COLDPLAY.You skipping out on these 2 cities is and will be a major set back for you.Mark my words,I highly doubt the attendance will be as high next year or whenever you decide to come back.'See you in Spring 2006'? Nah,I think I will cancel out on that one.

Love, Ex Coldplay fan

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Oh and by the way the concert was so AWSOME!!! The lights were cool the band rocked and Chris was perfect! I thought several times I would cry because it was all so beautiful. There are so many things I was going to say about the concert last night that today I am really almost speechless and can't really figure out how to explain it.


I hope all that went last night enjoyed it and it ment as much to you as it did to me!



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