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Anybody know the title to this live song?


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Hey, I've pretty much have CP's whole catalogue, but here is one live version that I have but don't know what it is called. I originally thought it was "The Worlds Turned" since that lyric is in the chorus, but now that the song has been officially released as a fix you b-side, it is not the same song.


Here is the first verse and chorus:


Can you hear that sound, I can feel it in me now

Coming from a ground, coming up to pick them out

Can you feel it stop, like a bird in a china shop

Or when you start those sparks

When it starts you should never stop, no


oh, tend to the doesn't

who does who doesn't

who choose whose chosen

who must who musn't

who rests and who runs

don't ask that question

when your world's turned upside down

oh, when your world's turned upside down



It is a bit of a fast paced song, but would be good as a studio recording. Any one recognize the lyrics and know the title?

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World Turns Upside Down


I have 2 different live versions with very similar lyrics....


The chorus is the same but the verse's lyrics seem to be evolving a bit.....


I would love to hear an early studio version of this song before it evolved....


....apparently this has been the case for many early songs such as "Idiot" and "Harmless" where sometimes just piece's of the orginal are used to create entirely new songs....

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