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lol, hi guys. I took the time to find Coldplay again. I've fallen in love with X&Y now, previously I hated X&Y and I thought it totally sucks but like I listened to it a few times and I really like it. I still don't think it's as good as the past 2 albums but I love the new album. Well I haven't been doing much, I also haven't changed much if any of you old timers remember me. Doubt it, with all these noobs hanging around here :p


Anyways, I've been working on this Talk remix type thing. I really liekd the "proto type" version of Talk, but I also liked parts of the newer mix of Talk. So what I did was mix together my favorite parts and KABOOM!! There ya have it, the Eagle131 Mix of Talk. I actually just "chopped" the two songs in half and mixed them together. It's still a goodie for those who loved the general set-up/sound of the original mix with that smashing climax at the end from the new version of Talk. Download it and listen to it for yourself, I think it's quite cool, but of course, that's cause I'm the one who mixed it lol. If you can listen hard, you'll probably notice where I mixed the unmastered version of Talk with the newer quality version of Talk. I tried my best to make them both sound alike but I'm afraid they aren't 100% the same sounding, but it still sounds good enough to be pro I guess lol. If you're listening to the music, you won't really notice where I mixed in schtuff.


Anyways, take a listen to my mix if you want, and rock on!!


- Eagle131


EDIT: It's still uploading, I got a little lazy so I'm just gonna post the link to it later, lol.




Here's the linky...





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