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hahah it's very very funny...it's a game that you can get prizes!!!


How To Play


Don't Read These Instructions.

Instructions suck. The first rule of Catch27 is you don't really need to understand how it works to play. You know how it works. You play this game every single day of your life. You meet a bunch of new friends, you get tired of them, you trade them for hotter, smarter friends.


So stop fretting, just register and start clicking through the cards and packs of cards. You'll figure it out.


Anyway, Catch27 is evil. The less you know about it, the better. Trust us.


What's the Point of the Game?


The point we tell everybody: You collect a mega-cool pack---- 27 people with popped collars; 27 people who say they loathe Jessica Simpson, etc, etc, that will make you a legend for all time and will win you an iPod or batch of Catch27 cookies.


The real point: You meet the famous, just ridiculously hot people on Catch27 and hook up.


(Note: It's a million times easier to woo and coo when you have a reason to wiretap. I.E. instead of sending someone a worthless lame-brained message starting "I saw your profile . . . " On Catch27, your opening line can begin: "Baby, I own your ass."


How to Build a Pack



Invite your friends to join by sending the invites-----they will automatically show up in your pack.

Buy any little cupcake, or young deity you see on the site.

Trade for hot people.


Buying Cards


The fastest way to collecting a pack as cool as they come . . . is to buy cards.


Wait. Are you suffering brain bubbles about buying cards? P-shaw. Think of it like buying a Derek Jeter baseball card. When Jeter debuted as a Rookie Yankee in 1995 his trading card was worth like .03 Cents. Today that SAME Derek Jeter Rookie card----signed---is worth $196.


Your own card on Catch27 has a value (based on your looks, smarts, number of hot people in your pack, number of invites you send, number of page-views you're getting, and the number of people buying and trading you).


Obviously, the value of your card will fluctuate. So when you create it, make sure it's sufficiently staggering.


Ok. So, you're tooling around the site and . . . Boom! You feel that indescribable shiver! You suddenly can't live without this certain person in your pack. You must have this person, or die. Go to the top of their card. See where it says "Gotta Have Him/Her" ? Click. This will pull up their Buy/Trade card. Click Buy, and that person is YOURS.



Trading for Cards


You can trade for cards three ways:


You can slouch in and meet-up with people for some REAL TIME trading and live chat in the Trading Room. This is major fun particularly if you are in med school, haven't slept in three days, your brain has flushed, and/or you have scads of time to waste.

You can click "Gotta Have Him/Her" at the top of his/her card and send his/her owner a wiretap asking to trade. (And if you haven't figured out by now that trade-talking with someone is an awesome way to meet good-looking people, you're too dumb to play on Catch27, and should go back to MySpace.)

You can click "Gotta Have Him/Her" at the top of his/her card and send ALL his/her owners a Massive Wiretap.




Dating is totally dead


It couldn't be any clearer, really, could it? Ok, Ok, dating is not totally dead. It is sort of asphyxiated. Your lonely, desperate investment banker will still call up and ask you to dinner; but if you have the slightest touch of je ne sais quoi, you are ANTI-dating------ and ANTI-dating means you are social-networking on Catch27 and writing a blog. Blogs are the real "aha phenomenon" of ANTI-dating. A blogger can bewitch an ever-growing and expanding circle of friends and seduce lovers on levels so deep even Tolstoy would be astonished.


The blogs on Catch27 are the best on the Internet. Min's blog is better than anyone's. You want to capture Min's #1 ranking you are going to have to blog your damn ass off.


How do you start? Go to "My Pack." Choose "Write in my blog." Begin writing. And please. Don't be dense. Put in plenty of pictures.


But First, You Gotta Register and Make Your Personal Playing Card. When you register you create your Trading Card. Not to mince words . . . You live and die with your card on Catch27. You want to raise yourself above the great mass of humanity with your Playlist. The Playlist is a jacked-cool way of talking about yourself-----what your ring tone is, your fave swear word, etc, etc. Just don't bore us. The Boys and Girls at Catch27 hate being bored more than anything.


You'll also do your Itch List. This is where you describe exactly what you want in a sig.other. If you're itching for a red-headed manicurist with an IQ of 167, ask for it. Want a gay Wall Street guy? Ask. If you don't ask, you won't receive.


Your Label. Yeah we all hate labels, but we gotta have them. This is the character type that will represent you on the site. The choices are: Jock, Slut, Brain, Geek, Bitch, Wiseass, Star, Rebel, Freak. Be thinking about which you are.


Running With Your Pack


It doesn't matter if you were invited into the game with the Catch27 letter, or if you are the leader of the pack, (i.e. starting your own pack), you must kick . . . some . . . fucking . . . ass.


You do this by sending your trading card to 3 people that you know and inviting them to join your pack. (The site will do this automatically for you.) You want to pick intriguing people, because your status will be defined on the site by how cool your pack is. Or how funny it is, or sly, or sexy, or lame. Really lame can be good.


As soon as you join, you get a free friend. Just choose "get a free friend" from the top navigation bar. Or go to "My Pack," and then select "Get a Free Friend."


Send Wiretap Messages


As soon as you've started your pack, you can talk to all the fine people on the site, make plans, go catch a movie.


Just be logged in. Then click on any of the Bitches, Brains, Freaks, Geeks, Jocks, Rebels, Sluts, Stars, Wiseasses, or "All Players."


When you see someone you know, or like, click on their card. Now, look in the upper right hand corner. See where it says: "Send a Wiretap?"


Click it. It's your world. We just live in it.





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no is not dating...

tjhe thing is you suscribe to that place, yo buy friends and you can trade your friends with other people...every people have a prize...if you complete 27 people you can win somehting...

A friend of mine won an Ipod and a PSP!

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(Note: It's a million times easier to woo and coo when you have a reason to wiretap. I.E. instead of sending someone a worthless lame-brained message starting "I saw your profile . . . " On Catch27' date=' your opening line can begin: "Baby, I own your ass." [/quote']


:lol: :lol: :lol: maybe I'll try that in my philosophy class when we get our mid-term grades back

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