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Missing work - is it wrong????


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Ok i rang in work this evening and made out i was ill just so that i didnt have to go in. :embarrased: :sneaky:


You see i work in a call centre where i have to every night ring people up and try to sell them personal accident insurance. I hate it, i fell like im being really intrusive and feel like im cheating people out of their money, although im not. :sneaky: :confused:


But im at uni and just wanted a nice easy job to make some cash, but its so stressfull....they moan at you if you havent made any sales that night and put you down and make you feel stupid. The woman is really pety as well and thinks just because im a student she can talk to me as she likes. :angry:


Maybe i should find new job....What do you all think.....i need help with this :/ :confused: :huh:

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Well,if you reall don't like this job and there is another chance for you of getting a job then I would give up this job....but I know this is easier said than done....in our times we can be happy if we have a job.....but this sounds like a job you really don't like and I can imagine that....seeling things at the telephone wouldn't be a good job for me,too!

Maybe you can keep your eyes open for another job so that you have one in reserve and then you can give up your job you have right now! :)


I don't know if these were good advices.....

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Look for a job while you are still working there- you have nothing to lose. You will still be making money and if another job comes along, you can quit this piece of crap.


So tomorow, find time in between work and school and go to a jobs fair or look one up on the internet. Send out a few applications and best of luck with those.


You dont have to be unemployed to look for work. :)

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^yeah thats what im waiting for................ive got an interview tomorrow for a data entry job, which my mates have already got placements for...so wish me luck...


ineed the money so i will have to keep this peice of shit job for two more weeks, which i hate but cant wait to let my boss know she can shuve it up her arse :D

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