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LAST NIGHT'S GIG....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2002]


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Last night I saw Coldplay for the first time live....and I am in complete awe!!! I knew it was going to be amazing...but it exceeded all of my expectations!!!!!


I managed to be the first person in the arena on my side so I was front row centre (me and the girl next to me were going potty when we realised we were standing in the best positition of the whole arena)!


It was so amazing that even my friend who came with me - who previously was the biggest cynic and completely mocking my over excitement...she even said to a security guard that she really is not looking forward to it, and is only her because of her barmy friend (ME!)! She was saying half way through the show "This band are f*****g awesome...I f*****g love them!" and she now decalres that she has been completely sold and is rushing out to get the latest album!!! Now a firm johnny fan...such a fox!


The best and most exciting bit was the fact that Chris' water bottle that he chucked out at the beginning of the show...IS NOW MINE !!!!!!!!! He took like one gulp then through it to the audience...it fell on the floor, and a photographer handed it to the crowd (needless to say I got a FIRM grip)! Also...I made friends with one of the security men beforehand (Victor...YOU ARE A LEDGE) and he said that he would try and get me a set list...and bless his heart he waited at the end and asked one of the roadies to give him a set-list...and good old Victor handed it to me..I LOVE HIM!!!!! it was the front set-list taped to the front...so I can only presume that it was Chris'!!!!


What an amazing NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW! You are such a lucky gal!! So could you post the setlist here? I'd really love to know which songs they played and in which order! That would be awesome!!

And which song was your favorite? And did Chris tell any good jokes? Man, I am envious now... :shock:

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wow i can see from all the (!!!!!) that you definetly had a great time.....which song did you think they performed the best?


Wow...how can I possibly say...it was all beyond AWESOME!!!


Must say that I loved politik (partly because it was the opening song, also becuase it sounded amazing and everyone went mental...also LOVE that song)!


Shiver and Spies followed which was a major highlight as they are two of my favourite songs from Parachutes...Chris sang Spies perfectly!!!!


Trouble was amazing...particularly the end when everyone sings along!


Everything's not lost was a (sounding dangerously cheesy now)... a real moment for me as I personally love the whole sentiment behind the song!!


Best bit was final six songs (Yellow, Scientist, Rush of Blood, Clocks, In My Place, Life is for Living) all of which were "hair stand on end" kinda performances!!!





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