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How Much Are These Records Worth?

Joe Wiz

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Coldplay has released a very limited edition of a little Christmas CD with two tracks ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and a new version of "Yellow") and evidently a message from the band. It has a very cute cover (when do Coldplay CDs not have fantastic covers, seriously?) and the title "Mince Spies." It's only being released to the fan club. not at all commercially.




* from http://www.easytoplease.net

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I guess they're worth a lot. Maybe except "Don't Panic". That's the only one I got from a normal store last autumn for less than 3€. Then again it probably has different releases and there are rare ones out there. :rolleyes:

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Of the singles listed Mince Spies is the rarest. It's current value is £100-£150. With all collector items, its worth is how much people are willing to pay. The two tracks can be found on other compilation albums in the USA but this hasn't distracted from the value probably because many people don't realise this.

There are about 5 or 6 different released versions of Don't Panic. The most collectable one is the Dutch version which includes 3 live tracks from Lowlands. The Danish version also includes 3 live tracks from Denmark. Other versions can be found easily so this keeps the price down so around £5 for UK digipak is its current worth.

The rare version of "Brothers & Sisters" is the original 7" vinyl issue. The CD was issued a couple of years later once Coldplay became known. The value has been kept down as the single got a US release and was imported to the UK. The UK version is worth £10 but if you look around CD shops, you may find the US version for half the price.

The tracks on the Acoustic CD isn't that rare and can be found elsewhere. This hasn't become that collectable but the value may rise in the future.

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Many thanks for your help! The acoustic CD does indeed contain tracks that can be found elsewhere, but I presumed that as it wasn't commercially available, it;s would be a bit more valuable.

And my Mince Spies is mint!

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