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Concert yesterday!!!


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HI again!


Just dropped by to tell you that our favourite band has done it again! They rocked globen in here in Sweden yesterday. I can easily say that last night was one of the best nights I´ve ever experienced!!!!


Today all different feelings are overwhelming me, I don´t seem to be able to do anything besides walking around in my house, listen to Coldplay and maybe cry som teras of happiness :)


My friend throw his sweater up on stage and it landed on Chris who picked it up and placed it on Guys sholder where it stayed put all concert, that was incredible!!!!


When they did "in my place" they audience sang so loud that you couldn´t hear Coldplay, they just stopped playing and listen trough out the hole song..as I said, one of the best nights ever!! :heart:


well, I just wanted to share som joy and happiness with you!

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Stella you lucky lucky girl! Seeing them live is something I will never forget. That evening will stay with me till the day I die! That is so cool about the sweater! Glad to hear you had a good time! :)

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I can only confirm what stellla just said.....IT WAS MAGICAL!!!


Just sheer love from about 14000 fans over the 2 hours..... still getting goosebumps just thinking about it!!


When they did "In my place" I thought at first it was my ears playing me a trick...because all I could hear was the crowd singing!! Truely stunning!! :D

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