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Battle of the Sexes!


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What was up with tonights episode, it starts off fine and then all of sudden like 20 minutes into the show it goes back to last weeks episode, and THEN it starts this weeks episode AGAIN. Technical problems, i guess

Thank god emily is gone cause she was a total bitch!

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yeah Jaimie is difinetly alot funnier than when he was on the real world New Orleans....


Idont really like Ellen... :shrug:


hehe, yeah it was funny when he was 'naming' the sea creatures during that one challenge. :lol:

edit: oops I meant I didn't really like Emily, not Ellen...I don't know, Ellen was okay(in my opinion)...a little over dramatic at times. :?

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i'm surprised anyone else likes ellen at all! everyone seems to find her a big brat. but i think she's a complete doll!


i think ruthie is so gorgeous! she's strong and smart too.


as for the boys........mmm those are some tasty treats! i have a crush on colin! :)

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