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Hi, I'm Helene from Finland!


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Hey everyone, I'm Helene from Helsinki, and I've been a fan of Coldplay for about a year now. :)


I attended the concert in Stockholm, Sweden, last Monday, and it was simply amazing, by far the best concert I've ever been to. I just can't get the concert out of my head- the yellow balloons filled with confetti falling from the roof during Yellow, Chris jumping off of the stage in the middle of In My Place, the guys taking the disposable cameras and throwing them into the audience and Chris doing one of his "song tests" or whatever one should call them :D After the concert I just had this empty feeling inside of me- I need to see them live again, and fast!


What I like most about Coldplay is that the songs are full of emotion and the lyrics are so heartfelt and sincere. Some say that the lyrics of some songs make no sense- I disagree, I think that it's great that everybody can interperate the lyrics in their own way. Plus, Chris's singing is absolutely beautiful and full of emotion.


I can't remember when I heard Coldplay for the first time, I guess I heard Clocks on the radio sometime- and fell in love with the song :) My favorite songs right now are Politik, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Fix You, Square One, Shiver, Yellow, What If and Twisted Logic.


Nice to meet you all! :)



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Thanks everyone :)


*andrea*, I love your av :lol:


Leaver, what an useful phrase :D where have you learned Finnish? Have you ever been to Finland?


moikka sanmar! :) se keikka oli kyl uskomaton kokemus... kunpa tulisivat seuraavalla kerralla suomeenkin!


Oh, and a quick question to everyone- sorry this might be a bit stupid- but what's CFU? And what kind of special access do I need to access that part of the forums? :)

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