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Speed of sound - piano


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I got a bit confused-


I've downloaded these notes from official books...


in the beginning there's EDAAEDGGEDGGEDGb ...


should I stop playing until chours, or should I play all these notes (but with them it doesn't sound lika a SoS)? In the song I was trying hard to hear piano, but it only seems to be played during chours , and after it...


(sorry if it sounds idiotic, but I'm not very advanced in music ;) ... but I'm working on it...;) )

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And here are the chords for the chorus (they are all whole notes). I can't scan the music sheet, but I'll try to make it as clear as possible. I like to play the chord with my right hand and hit eighth notes with my left.


D-G-B (Whole notes played during ''Birds go flying at the....') Left hand=G


D-F#-A-B (Whole notes played during ''Speed of sound to show you how it all began

Left hand=B

D-G-B (Birds came flying from the underground)

Left hand=G

E-A-C# (If you could see it then you'd understand)

Left hand=F#

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