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Marseille - 17/11/2005


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you can find below setlist from this show


Square One



Speed Of Sound

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face


X & Y

How You See The World

White Shadows

The Scientist

Till Kingdom Come

Green Eyes




Swallowed In The Sea

In My Place

Fix You

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Hey! I was there and it was the best concert of my life really!!!

Yeah they played Trouble but no don't panic ! anyway i'll try to do a review (forgive me for my english :s) lol!


SO before THE concert there was Goldfrapp,i don't know if you like,personaly not really and it seems that the french don't appreciate too (people were like "oh god i hope it was the last one!....OH NO!!there's another one!!" hahahaha what an enthousiasm!

Then the show started with Square One,in the background there was a big screen with numbers...Then it was Politik, Yellow (we got an amazing release of BIG YELLOW balloons!!hahaha loved it!!!),then they played speed of sound (great lights effects,god put a smile on your face (XD beautiful...), TROUBLE (outstanding!!!!everyone was singing "they spuuuuun a weeeb foooor me"),X&Y,How You See The World,White Shadows,the Scientist (there's no words for describing it lol,like trouble everybody was such into it..),then it was the acoustic part with 'til kingdom come (the people began to applause a little too fast so chris laughed and ask to slow down a little ^^ (in french of course!)),Swallowed in the sea (B-E-A-utiful),Green eyes, Clocks (XD everybody juuumpppp),talk (with da little bear everywhere >.< so cute!!it was like the EMA awards...), then In My Place (Chris ran out of the scene and went into the crowd of the seated people XD,he passed like 5meters from me mouhaha!!and continued to sang there and then made it back to the scene by the same way XD) and finally they did Fix You,amazing song,chris turned that little light like in the music video >.<


And That's it !! Everytime Chris tried to speak french!!! it was soooooo cute always saying "ca vaaa?" at the end of a song, or tryin' to put the french word in the song instead of the english one, he said "je crois que c'est le moment de dire: je suis desolé pour mon mauvais francais,il est un peu nerd" ("i guess it's time to say i'm sorry for my bad french it is a little nerd") hahahaa!!! so cute >.<!!! and some things like "chantez avec nous",his french is pretty good!! and so sexy haha!!


Ok so this is my review...i'll try to update some audio or videos whenever i can!

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Woooouuuh, tu me mets l eau a la bouche, ca devait etre TROOOOOP bien !!



J ai failli aller a Toulouse le lendemain, mais comme j ai un peu peur de la foule, j ai renoncé :embarrased: :embarrased: :embarrased: !!


JE LE REGRETTE TROP !!!! :idea2:


Tu as pris des photos ?

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lol!! Malheureusement non aucunes photos! mon appareil foto est cassé (tu peux pas savoir comme je l'ai haï lol!!!) j'ai juste le concert en audio et quelques petites videos, je les updaterer quand je pourrais de mon telephone ^^!

En tout cas tu aurais du aller a toulouse, il faut braver la foule >.< Coldplay ca en vaut le coup!!!

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