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Will & Jonny's teams...


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I'm guessing they were invited to Inter's practice, because they were in Milan?


I don't enjoy the Italian game... but I don't think I would refuse an invite to suit up for practice or anything like that...lol... but I'd be crushed to find either Will or Jonny to be Inter fans...lol.

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Will is definitely a Southampton fan. Jonny is either Spurs or Man U' date=' my memory fails me. :P Guy is Raith Rovers I believe and I don't know about Chris![/quote']


please try not to laugh :embarrased: ... but did you mean tottenham hotspur when you said "spurs"?

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Yeah! Sorry about that! I assumed you would know! Welcome to the world of football! If you are looking for a team to support' date=' try ones beginning with C. They are usually pretty good... :P[/quote']


:lol: :) ....ok, i'll try this....but i'm sorry to say although i think chlesea is a good team i can't root for them, b/c i bet against them strictly to annoy a friend of mine.

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