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newbie alert!..well almost :p


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Hi people!


I just thought i'd introduce myself here, I used to browse around the site a lot and its pretty smashing, I was registered here as jpxdude a little while ago, so some of you may know me from the official coldplay board already!, Well I hope to meet most of you people soon, and have a good old chin-wag...umm, finger-wag..., sorry that just sounds dodgy, *ahem* I hope to get chatting to the lot of you soon!!


see ya!



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Welcome Jassen!!! I'm Laura....you're avatar's freaking me out.. :lol:


lol hey, nice to meetcha! yeah I know, I over-freakified most people here with my twitchy eye :P so i've taken it off in favour of athletes lovely album cover! :) catch ya later :lol:

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