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fooking shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ahem *cough cough*


Dear Campaigner,


US-subsidised cotton is forcing hundreds of thousands of

African people into a life of desperate poverty. Stand up

against unfair trade here: http://www.maketradefair.com/go/cotton


World cotton prices are at an all-time low because of US

export subsidies on cotton. Millions of cotton farmers face

poverty because they simply can't compete in the world market

any more. This means that they can't make a living; or send

their children to school; or afford essential medicines.


Today, four African countries - Benin, Chad, Burkina Faso,

and Mali - are hitting back against unfair

US cotton subsidies which threaten their economies and very



We need you to stand with them as they make their case at the

World Trade Organisation in Geneva today.


Please take action - email President Bush NOW! Tell him

you're standing up for cotton farmers who are demanding

an end to unfair subsidies on cotton:



Thank You,


Alison Woodhead

Oxfam Trade Campaign Co-ordinator


PS Please send this on to friends, family, and colleagues and

encourage them to join you in standing alongside African coffee




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yeah thx, i just felt like it was the right thing to do. all it takes is only a bit of time: you click on the link and follow the steps. you don`1t have to write anything on your own, becuz the letter`s already written, all u hafta do is fill in some stoopid shite (like name, email blabla) and send it straight to mr bush.

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