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Actually keep it... (useful MSN info here)


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I regret the moments

Where I’ve toyed with my mind

The thoughts of much lost

Must be left behind

For what comes not now

Must come in the end

Because if the universe is infinite

Why do we strive to pretend?


So as I try and pierce the atmosphere

With the vision from my eyes

I comprehend not the stars

But a view to realise;


The long shadows of the evening

On the last day

Before the rest of our lives…

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damn... i missed the wedding!


but seen as tho ur so nice, Have another poem of mine:


A Special Someone Else


Time spent wasted if not with you.

A gentle caress of hand

Someone different,

Something new.


Likeness of mind, fished from the blue.

A humour of kings

Laughter’s different,

Truth is new.


That little something,

That special someone else,


That special you.

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back on topic (argue later girls :))... another poem




I live at home with my feelings

And take them by side with my stride

But the fall of my feet guards another

And it’s someone who taught me to fly


So I flap my wings on my freedom

And I dance with my girl in my mind

But the beat of my steps tells a story

A tale for the listening minds


Now my fable floats with the others

But I know she knows who I am.

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I changed it cos i didn't realise there was already a poetry thread, and i'll post my stuff there now. I just edited the title of my 1st post to change the name of the thread! handy!

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ok here goes...


If you have a hotmail account you can simply create an MSN messenger account using your hotmail email adress.


If you wish to use your existing email adress you will have to visit Passport and verify your email address with them before you can use it in MSN.


once you have this worked out, adding people in MSN is as simple as using the menu's and entering their email adress to send a request to them. you can change your screen name then to any thing you want. Mess is a great website with many add ons for MSN messenger, skins, smilies, function add on's, etc.

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