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Having Character!


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Damnit, it seems all my threads are just stemming onto more threads Im thinking up of, but although this has come from the 'Shy or Outgoing' thread it is quite different. Not similar enough to just include in that topic.


Do you have character that extends to everyone?


Y'know what I mean, in places with people does your personality stand up and out as you hope it would?


If not, it doesnt mean that you have no character, you simply have a type of character that doesnt boom out at everyone.


I find that character is one of the most important things in life, far more important then having good grades or a wealthy family (Im thinking in terms of getting jobs). You'll find that when people drop out of school, you think with some of them "He'll be alright because he can go far nomatter what he does, hes got character" whereas others, dont have character, and dont have grades.


In work places like pubs and even offices, it is those who have a character that shines through that makes it to the top. It has nothing to do with grades or recommendations/references, someone with character will start off on a shitty computer desk without walls, and end up in the top office 30 floors up, a decade later.


I think those that have character have an instant amount of respect from those around them, and if they work hard at their job, they will get much more acknowledgement then those that are a bit quiet.

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I think I have character..........yes....I do......

I think my opinion is respected etc.......

some girls in my class are so pretty and bla...and conceited......I don't see anything special in their character......makes me wonder why they have dates and dates and I have none!


one of my best friends......she is really one of those character persons......her opinion counts a lot....this is cool...she is really respected....

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I definitly have a strong character!!!!!! I always stand up for my position and I don't step back... mostly at work...


I have 2 kind of workmates... the ones who respect me and the ones who hate me... exactly because of this, but I don't care a shit...

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id like to think i have character. and yea Reilly i do agree with you, having a strong character will get you (mostly) where you want to be overthose who have little. not to say that those who have little have none, i guesss they dont shine as brightly? if that made sense


Though some peoples personalities shine differently, whether it be drunk or at the footy. and those few who can adjust all the time.


however if we were to talk about charisma....i guess it would need a whole new topic

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Everyone loves me, really to be honest.


No, I'm kidding.. But I think my character gives the right impression on most people. Fair enough there's a few people who just don't like me, whether it's a personality clash or what I don't know, but I don't bother myself trying to win over everyone.


I can get along with most people though. I think the most important part of meeting someone is the very first impression they get of you. I mean, my last girlfriend I met outside a basketball game cause I had a spare ticket and (since she was pretty) I walked over and gave it to her. She smiled at me in the way where you think "ah ha, i'm in."


:) Good times.

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