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Hey everyone


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Hey everybody, my name's Casey. I joined the board a while ago but I haven't posted much, so I thought I'd introduce myself and get better acquainted with the Coldplay community.

I'm 18 (19 in two weeks), and live in New York. I'm currently attending university upstate but I grew up on Long Island. I've been a Coldplay fan since they started getting radio play in the United States a few years ago, and I've gradually been becoming a bigger and bigger fan since then.

I was really hoping to see them in concert this week--they came to Uniondale on Sunday, just 15 minutes from my house, but I had to be in school on Monday morning and there was no way I could've gotten back after the show. Which majorly sucks.


Anyway, this seems like a really great forum and I know I'm really going to enjoy myself here. Everyone seems nice and very knowledgeable about the band.

Thanks for reading my little shpiel!


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