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life is for living live - lyrics?


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Now I never meant to do you wrong

That's what I came here to say

But if I was wrong, then I'm sorry

I don't let it stand in our way


'Cos my head just aches

When I think of

The things that I shouldn't have done

But life is for living, we all know

And I dont wanna live it alone


Sing ahhh

Sing ahhhh

And you sing ahhhh


As for the ending part.. he changes the lyrics in the third line. I sometimes hear this:


'Cos in the end there's only us

Oh my friend, there's only us

So call my name and shout it love

'Cos in the end there's only love

($2 dollar bill show)


Some other threads that could help :wink:




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First of all I just have to say this song is incredible, love it (btw I love all coldplaysongs...)


I've been wondering the same thing, what exactely is the lyrics?


But I prettty much agree with victaniac, it's something like:

"'Cause in the end there's only us,

Don't you know my friend, there's only us

-this is the hardest part, something like, I'm in love or shout it love-

'Cause in the end there's only us/love..."


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