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Pop Vulture: Brianna Walker


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There are two things you should know about Brianna Walker if you want to have a great conversation with her.


She's a huge sports fan, and she's a big music lover.


"I went to Ohio State and I follow everything Buckeyes," she says. The

Cincinnati native also loves to cheer on the Reds and Bengals.


"I see tons of concerts," she adds. "I've seen Coldplay, Dave Matthews several times and David Gray recently. But Coldplay was by far the best concert I've ever seen. They were amazing live. A friend of mine told me Def Leppard is coming to Riverbend with Journey and I think it would be fun to see them."


When she's not attending shows and buying new music, Walker works as a market analyst for ACNielsen, specifically looking at data for P&G's family care products. And when happy hour doesn't get in the way, the former college synchronized swimmer hits the gym.


Here are her pop culture picks.



What was the last good movie you saw?


Crash. I loved it! It clearly illustrates that everyone, no matter how much

you want to deny it, has some sort of preconceived notion of how people are or should be based on basic stereotypes. I think it definitely speaks to society today.



What was the last book you read?


Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I think I'm late on this one, but I loved the book. It's so easy to read - I was able to finish it on a plane!



What magazines do you read?


Self, Glamour and People my guilty pleasure. Come on, you've got to know who local boy Nick Lachey is dating!



What Web sites have you discovered that everyone should bookmark?


http://www.museumofhoaxes.com and http://www.oddtodd.com. These are a total waste of brain cells, but they will make you laugh. Also, http://www.thelantern.com. I've got to keep up with what's going on in Columbus with my Buckeyes!



What new song or album can't you get enough of?


I really like "O Yeah" and "She's Love" by The End of Fashion. I've also

been listening to a lot of Snow Patrol and Interpol. Oh, and Coldplay, you

can never get enough Coldplay!



What TV shows do you love to watch, or what TV shows do you love to hate?


It's not a Sunday night without The Sopranos or Grey's Anatomy. I also

like to watch The Amazing Race, but it's just not the same this season without our Cincy connection.


Source: http://www.cinweekly.com

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er dur!!!!! its a coldplay messageboard, and Cincinatti Weekly decided to cover the fact that this woman likes Coldplay.

If you don't like the news articles I'm posting, feel free to find me some better ones!! And as its a veeeerrrrryyyyy slow news day for Coldplay, I'd like to see you try and find something that isn't Ivor Novello related!

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