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  1. Tash--hope you get to feeling better! I have RA and the fatigue sometimes is overwhelming! Thank you for all your hard work here!
  2. I believe SNL has wisely stayed away from the conscious uncoupling because they know Chris is a great musical guest, and they don't want to offend him and risk losing that. I also think they will play Magic and Midnight and they may appear in a sketch.
  3. Welcome back, Coldplaying! Happy birthday to the beautiful, talented Chris!
  4. Most days of the week. I took every CD out of my car except for AROBTTH, and have slowly brought back almost every one. I didn't want to get worn out before LP6 came out.
  5. Yes, it's a better photo. Love the dress.
  6. Alone Yet Not Alone has been disqualified from the Oscar race for Best Song. Of course, my first thought was "nominate Atlas!"
  7. And I can see a thousand avatar photos being changed right now....
  8. I'm hoping whoever pasted those letters there thought it was just another rapper!
  9. Ugh! I've had it with the Adele worship. Also the film award was won by my past idol, and not my new idols. Oh well. On to LP6! I hope Adele's album gets delayed.
  10. I believe they don't show either of these on air. I'll just come here on Monday morning to see what happened!
  11. Agree. The site was missed, greatly!
  12. Belated Happy Birthday to Row!! So glad CPing is back. One day of panic, then a slight depression when I realized I would have noplace to see what Chris is up to!
  13. What the hell is "Alone yet Not Alone???" Anyway, two good things came of them not being nominated: 1)Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake aren't nominated either! 2) I don't have to sit through three hours of pre-show only to find they didn't walk the red carpet. I think the only two artists who have a chance are U2, because they're U2, and that Frozen song, because it's Disney.
  14. Sorry, the site is now going wonky for me, but it's Laineygossip.com. Front page.
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