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Lost return draws 3.9m UK viewers

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Award-winning drama Lost attracted an audience of 3.9m as it returned to British television for a second series. But the US show, which focuses on a group of aircrash survivors stranded on a desert island, failed to match its first series debut of 6m viewers.


The double bill, shown on Channel 4 on Tuesday, saw its audience slip to 2.8m after the first hour.


The drama, made by ABC, has been a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and won six Emmy awards last year.


The show commanded more than 20% of the total viewing audience during its two-hour slot on Tuesday, with Channel 4 showing episode one and two back-to-back.


Around 700,000 viewers then tuned into Channel 4's digital sister station E4 to see the third episode of the series.


The programme became the most successful US debut on Channel 4 when its opening season began last year.


It suffered only a slight dip to 5.9m viewers after two episodes were split by Big Brother.


The double bill, which cost $10m (£5.5m) to make, may have benefitted from having an edition of the popular reality TV show slicing it in half when it was aired last August.


In the US, the drama became a regular ratings winner, with 21m viewers watching the first season finale - up 3m on its debut.


Lost's second season debut in the US attracted an audience of more than 23m viewers.



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^Me too! I was like "what the heck, we've already gone through this!" :confused:


Next week's looks like a corker, with 'the others' coming!!! :stunned:


Im suprised it didn't get as many viewers as last season, almost every person I know tuned in! (not that I know the entire population, lol...you know what I mean!)

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