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  1. Seriously. This is my favorite song from Ghost Stories by far. So good. Could be right out of the AROBTTH era.
  2. So, I just listened to all the songs.....and I hate to say that I really dislike this album. The lack of piercing guitars is definitely disappointing. I own their last two albums and have seen them in concert, but I don't think I'll be buying this one. The first word that comes to mind is sadly, "boring." I just can't get into any of these songs. If I had to compare this shift in style to anything it would be to Smashing Pumpkins "Adore", where they wrote mostly slower and electronic songs. I prefer Adore over this though. Maybe the most disappointing album of the year for me. Sorry guys.
  3. Great album. Maybe their best since Origin of Symmetry. Just an initial reaction.
  4. 30 second previews of the new album are on muse.mu Better quality than others I've heard.
  5. Way too short but I did like the new songs.
  6. Observe and Report- 8/10 It was hilarious but kind of disturbing and sick at the same time Oh and yea, Knowing sucked. I couldn't believe how ridiculous it got at the end. It was so cheesy. If done right, it could have been great.
  7. This season has been a little strange and not as enjoyable as the past ones, but episode 12 was amazing. Easily the best of the season and maybe one of the best eps ever. The smoke monster and desmond laying ben out was awesome.
  8. I heard they had broken up AGAIN. Is this true?
  9. I got section 14 row B, and I just bought them, but yea if I look tomorrow and find better ones, I'll buy those and sell the pre-sale tickets. I wish they would just do the pre-sale through their website like the Talk Tour a few years ago. I got 3rd row center on the floor that time! Screw this. Who the hell is going to get the 1st and 2nd level tickets if us...THE FANS can't even get those? Ridiculous.
  10. I'll be listening to it soon! Getting it now! Yay
  11. An entertainment weekly review basically said that if you liked American Idiot, you'll like the new album. I really didn't like American idiot except for the first 4 songs. I'm a huge green day fan and I really hope I didn't wait almost 5 years to hear American Idiot part 2.
  12. Me too. I didn't send one. Not sure why. Just never got around to it. I totally should have....
  13. Yea it looks like there will be no pit for the amphitheater shows for the whole tour. That really sucks. I had so much fun the last time. I showed up a few hours early and got right in the front of the pit. It was the best concert ever.
  14. Yea we should have a meet up or something. I signed up for the ticket rush thing also. I hope there will be a General Admission Pit! That's what they did the last time when they were at the Amphitheater.
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