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Uncensored, crude comedy


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Channel 4 [uK] is to devote a week in August to shows examining outrageous comedy. I for one, can't wait. I know that none of it will offend me. Here is what is on offer

Programmes will include a profile of controversial comedian Roy "Chubby" Brown and a documentary about Monty Python's 1979 film Life of Brian. Hitler: The Comedy Years will explore how the Nazi leader has provided material for such British comics as Freddie Starr and Spike Milligan.


The World's Most Offensive Joke, meanwhile, will look at jokes that "push the boundaries of comedy". They include material inspired by the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and the recent cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

Comedy has a long tradition of causing offence. Are you bothered by comedy close to the bone?
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true.. I love British comedy... but stuff like that doesn't offend me.. no matter how wrong. I mean its a joke!! I don't easily offend either...



has anyone seen the show Wonder Showzden on MTV2??? -that show is bonkers! Offensively bonkers... :lol:

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I hate English comedy.....and american for that matter.

Peter Kay-Not funny

Jack Dee-Not funny

Jim Davidson-Not funny

Johnny Vegas-not funny, etc




well heeello there Magnum P.I?? lol where are your hotpants and cool Ferrari?? :lol:

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