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School Staff......For A quick laugh


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Im on my school's website.....and it has "bios" of all the teachers.....and a teacher i had for last year...well shes very advanced and loves to tell all about her "accomplishments" well it turns out that before i even clicked on her name.....hahaha this is great....oh sry*ahem* i knew it would be long....well it turns out that it was exactly what she had told all her classes at the beginning of the year! she has it memorized!! haha thats great.....im learning more about my teachers on here than having them for 6 or 7 months :shock: anywys....man my teachers (and old and soon to be teachers) have the wierdest names...no wander we have to call them by their last names.....haha this is great!! they are sooo cheesy....they wrote their self bios and youll see one and itll be empty and another and itll be soooo cheesy along the lines of "i enjoy long walks on the beach"



OH AND THIS SITE IS TO BE DISCLOSED!!!!! sry....hehe safety saftey ;)



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