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Male and Female becoming the same thing


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I just had what may be a frightening thought, to some.


With metrosexuality and homosexuality becoming RIPE, and men who are either being able to relate more and more with females, will the day arrive when both sexes evolutionise towards eachother so much that they are basically the same thing?


Bi-sexual cross dressers. But there wont be "Cross dressing", it will meet somewhere in the middle.


Here on Coldplaying we have a little gender symbol, and it usually comes in quite handy when you are reading someone tell a story or post a picture of a Fit girl or Guy (haha yes with a capital G ladies ;) ). But someday, could it be irrelevant?


And we'll go out clubbing and hope to bring home sex, and then discover whatever reproductive organ the person has and then use it :stunned:


Last sentence- too much. Too much.

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