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MURDER is so good.

Idiot on the other hand... not my fav.


I am obssessed with CP b-sides. I just burned two cd's with b-sides and faultline songs. And earlier this week I found Bigger Stronger the recorded version which excited me because up until then I have just beem enjoying a live rendition.



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well i just got idiot and i have to say i love it :D ....i agree with dave's girl that the lyrics are terrible....but the sound and the music is wonderful...i feel like i'm the only one who loves it.....i've been listening to it over and over....ah i need to stop for a while i just got it and i dont wanna get sick of it so quickly.

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i got murder from kazaa :shrug:


you have to keep trying. its better to have the mp3


yes, that's truth, but this site is very good, i love it...


I find Barbie Girl, Lost Highway and others musics in this site.... :-D

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