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The greatest piece of coldplay artwork iv ever seen!!


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I found this great site a few weeks ago!

The website has loads of really cool hand painted canvases which you can buy online.

I found this awesome Coldplay canvas, which i just had to buy!!



(This really is hand painted)

It came on Friday and its absolutely incredible, looks amazing on my wall.

If there’s anything you want but they haven’t got it, just let them know and the can create it for you. Im saving up to get another one done now...

The Website is: www.impactartworks.co.uk

and the Coldplay canvas i bought is now in the main gallery section: Check it out here:


Let me know what you guys think...

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Me too. The website looks legitamate, but the fact that you can get them in different shades of color and all colors look exactly the same is a bit fishy. Also, there isn't a detail photo you can see, which almost all online galleries have so the buyer can see the originality and authenticity of the product. All you get is a small, 300x300 (?) thumbnail. The colors seem vectored and pixalated as well, suggesting a work of photoshop.


Also, the fact that this member is new and only has two posts leads me to beleive that he/she is a representative from the website advertising it.


I wouldn't buy it people.

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