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Coldplay song at funeral?

Flying Sparks

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I just read an article about an 18-year old girl shot by the police because the officers felt "threatened" by her whielding a knife. It's a quite controversal, strange case and a very, very sad story which you can read here:




However, the article features this paragraph:


MacDonald's mother Lisa Marie Guy bent down to kiss her one last time before taking her seat. It was half-way through the service while listening to Coldplay's song "Yellow" that Guy broke down, shaking her head several times.


I know that it's a sad thing to think about, but what do you think about having a Coldplay song at YOUR funeral? Some songs suit perfectly for remembering a person, both giving you a good and an incredibly sad feeling. What song would YOU like - which song represents your life best, with which song would you like your family and friends to say Goodbye?


If that's a stupid thread/thought, then I apologise.. But I thought of that a couple of times before, because one of my last wishes, in this state of mind, would be having a Coldplay song at the ceremony..

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i allready planned my funeral :thinking:

oke that sounds weird, but i just know what songs they are going to play and were i'm having my funeral, that sort of stuff, its just that its my funeral and altough i'm not gonna be there its the last bit of personality i can bring to the people

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My 3 songs:


* One Coldplay song - I can't choose one and it doesn't really matter because I'm in love with so many of their songs and each of them means a lot to me!

* Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (it's the most emotional song I know and it just HAS TO be played at my funeral)

* Beatles - Here comes the sun (my favourite song ever, no matter which version - may it be Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, whatever.. I just NEED this song!)

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A Ghost...definately.


It's absolutely excellent for funeral.


"They're calling you

Some kind of ghost

But I know that's not true


Cause time and time again I spoke

And I have spoke with you


They're saying I

Am some kind of ghost

But that's so hard to say


Maybe I'll go

Maybe you're safe


No there's no way to say...


And I would love you

To come over

And I would love you


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