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"White" carrots hit the shelves!!


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Carrots... is the future all white?


Carrots are said to be good for vision - but shoppers may be rubbing their eyes in disbelief over the latest offering on the vegetable counter.

The white carrot is said to be sweeter and juicier than the orange original but traditionalists may still have difficulty stomaching the idea.

The 'snowy white' colour is the work of growers in Yorkshire. Marketed as White Satin, it does not have even a trace of orange.

But the billion-pound vegetable trade has high hopes for its 'makeover' of the carrot, a staple of the British dinner table for centuries.

Paul Lei, a carrot buyer for Asda, which is stocking the new variety, said: "This is the greatest change to occur to the carrot for over 400 years. We believe that Satin White is set to become one of our best-selling vegetables in the run-up to Christmas."

Carrots occurred in a number of colours before the Dutch bred an orange variety in the 16th century that became an overwhelming commercial success.

Orange carrots contain high levels of betacarotene, a pigment which is a form of vitamin A, that encourages good vision and healthy skin.

Mr Lei said the new white variety of carrot was grown using natural methods. He said the Satin White had a smoother flavour than the orange version and a higher level of other naturally-occurring compounds called phytochemicals, which give the root vegetable a rich taste.

Previous attempts to revitalise the huge carrot market have been unsuccessful. Sales of purple carrots dropped shortly after they were introduced last year when customers discovered that the colour seeped out of the vegetable and into the cooking water, Asda said.

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