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Beckham to get the slash from Gillette


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Beckham to get the slash from Gillette





First David Beckham got the axe from the England team, now he could get the chop from Gillette as the worldwide face of the shaving brand.

The Real Madrid star's multi-million pound contract is up for renewal next year and according to advertising bible Marketing magazine he will be replaced by 'fresher-faced global stars'.

The news will come as a massive blow to Brand Beckham, as the former England captain went on a massive PR offensive this week in a bid to promote his new book.

Beckham's role with Gillette is likely to be reduced to promoting the shaving product in 'local markets', such as Spain and Britain.

Among the names rumoured to be replacing him is Chelsea and England star Ashley Cole, 25.

The 31-year-old footballer has been the face of Gillette since 2004, when he signed a £40m three-year deal but after a disappointing World Cup, followed by being dropped from the England team it has been suggested that his days as a global superstar are numbered.

However, in the meantime, he still has a £7.5 million contract with Motorola, £2 million contract Pepsi and an £80 million life time deal with Adidas to fall back on.

Commenting on the story, a Gillette spokesperson said: "Gillette has a great working partnership with David and he remains the global face of Gillette as well as an international sports and style icon."

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