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Roland Garros


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Dunno how its with you but Ive been watching these days the french open 24/7.......incredible matches!!! Those 5 seters are more exciting than.......great semis!!

1.ferrero (fav to win this year) vs costa (has won 4 five seters so far & last years winner) -

2.verkerk (dutch sensation) vs coria (my personal fav....speedy gonzalez!)

.........those r gonna be thrilling matches!!! be sure to watch if uve got the possibilty! :)

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I was about t do the same topic.


Fabolous games! Ferrero v/s Gonzalez........ I really enjoy that one, but of course I was expecting another result. Coria, I bet hes the winner ( my favo. now)



my all time fav player has been michael chang....i was fascinated by his wins against lendl & edberg to win as youngest player the french open....this year is gonna be his last...therefore im looking for some new player ill support the rest of my life..lol....Coria reminds me of chang...coz he is small and fast as a bullet....he reaches impossible stops and runs and runs and runs.....he showed great tennis against zabaleta & his win against agassi was fabulous! i really do wish him this title....if isnt him....ferrero deserves it coz he has reached now 4 consecutive french open semis & never won!!



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shit! guillermo is out :sad: :cry: :cry: ....congrats angie!! :)


So bad......... But I thought the match was awfull, Ive seen him playing better.... It was Rland Garro's semifinal, I would expect more.


It only lets me........Go Ferrero! :D

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wow! special! Am very proud of all u coldplay ppl talking about tennis! now must get ppl on tennis board to talk about coldplay... :D


go juanqui!!! he's been my fave player for like 2 years now... i knew roland garros was yours!! mwah!

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