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Coldplay B-sides


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Hi everyone


I am trying to collet b-sides. I have several I am willing to email but I am also looking for a couple. I have some rare ones like Ode to Deodorant and the original version of Talk. I am looking for the song Gravity off the UK Talk single (can't get it here in the states) and also an mp3 or whatever song version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". I have a video. Anyone willing to send me those songs or want some of the ones I have please email me at [email protected]




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i would upload the first two you want, but i can't download or upload anything big at the moment otherwise my computer will go to slow internet which is really annoying. But if no one has done it for you in a couple of days when my computer goes back to normal i'll send it to you.

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look for my post in multimedia of a Coldplay Workbook. A friend and I just spent four months uploading material. ALL the links are valid.


(and you can use caiman.com, amazon.com, gemm.com, netsoundsmusic.com, musicstack.com to purchase any of the singles in the US)

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Yes' date=' 66, but you forgot some other rares...:-)[/quote']



I've no doubt, but we made a good start, and hope to elaborate with all the great stuff that continues to emerge all over the place. I'm sure you all on the HUB have me beat by a mile. :)

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