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Thanks. It was insane. I mean I've lived my whole life with my Dad always a Tiger's fan and finally it's coming back. I love it! I gotta say I hope we do play the Cards. Because one of the games I was at in the summer, if I remember correctly, we beat them with a walkoff homerun. Not that it indicates anything but we have this cool stuffed tiger with a cardinal in its mouth and we made it especially to bring to the game. But to play the Mets would be fun as well. Shutting down both NY teams would be ideal.


Either way, GOOOO TIGERS!

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Guest LiquidSky

Cardinals, BOO! BOO! I so hate them! Well, no I don't hate them, but I dislike them, well yes actually, I do hate them! Have you seen their coach get upset? It is so so hilarious! hahaha! :lol:and did you just see the Mets catch their homerun?! It was so incredible and so damn hilarious! :lol:I hope the Mets win. Let's go METS! :D But damn it, they are good.. :\ they might win.

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YAY! I will be downtown watching the game a block from Comerica Park, I tried to get tickets but way too expensive. Might even watch for free by standing in the parking garage that can see in the stadium. This should be a great series!

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