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Tonight i met a King (yes a real one) and shook his hand.

General Smut

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i found those link quite enjoyable, weird but enjoyable nonetheless lol

now i know who the guy in your avatar actually is.



i haven't met a lot of famous people so i can't beat meeting the king of lovely, but i have met 2 prime ministers of papua new guinea (aka png - country above australia) and darren hayes from savage garden. i've met a few other people but i can't remember at the moment which suggest they aren't really famous-famous, if you get what i mean....

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my family and i were in brisbane city doing shopping and he was slowly walking in our direction. he was wearing a huge scarf, golfers hat and glasses (trying to remain inconspicious but instead looking very celebrity-like) lol and my family ambushed him and asked for his autography, imagine us 7 huddling around him lol that would scare anyone in giving us what we want :sneaky: ...:shame: ...haha

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