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The Funniest moment in Athletics ever

General Smut

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25.99999 miles - no probs.


the last 10cm - oh dear! Whoops!



Finish-line tumble put Chicago winner Cheruiyot in hospital




CHICAGO (AFP) - Chicago Marathon winner Robert Cheruiyot was recovering in hospital after slipping on a sponsor's logo at the finish line and striking his head on the pavement.


Cheruiyot was listed in stable condition at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where doctors said his condition was not serious. He was being kept overnight so they could monitor his injuries which included minor internal and external bleeding.


"He was a little confused after the race," Cheruiyot's manager Frederico Rosa told the Chicago Tribune. "He couldn't remember what happened. He has a lot of pain in the head. He didn't remember how he fell down."


Cheruiyot won in a time of 2hr 07min 35sec. However, his joy was shortlived when he slipped on a corporate bank logo seconds before reaching the tape.


He still managed to cross the finish line because his feet were flung forward as he skidding under the ceremonial banner. At the same time he smacked the back of his head on the ground.


"Luckily for him, he slipped forward," race referee Pat Savage said. "I've never seen that happen before."


Cheruiyot lay on the ground for several minutes before being taken away from the finish area in a wheelchair.


A bloodied Cheruiyot asked race officials, "Did I win the race?" as he was being transferred to a waiting ambulance.


Fellow Kenyans Daniel Njenga (2:07:40) and Jimmy Muindi (2:07:51) were second and third respectively.


Njenga initially thought he had won.


"After (Cheruiyot) fell down, I thought maybe I am the one who won the race," Njenga said.


"Somebody told me I am No. 2. I have nothing I can do. I have to accept it."



And yes i know i shouldnt laugh, but wait til you see it on the telly,

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