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converting RM files


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does anyone know of a FREE program that will convert real media files to either mpeg or avi? i've got the morning becomes eclectic video in a real media file and i'd like to convert it, but all of the programs i've come across either cost money or leave a watermark across the screen after conversion. any ideas??

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Try Super from here http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=SUPER_1 , its a video swiss army knife and free . I convert any RealVideo files I have by connecting my pc to my dvd recorder input - useless suggestion of course if you have no tv output or dvd recorder of course but others reading this thread might (this method keeps the video and audio in 100% synchronization - because of the way RealVideo works , some software convertors have a bit of trouble with it).


and hello to the board :D

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