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singing coldplay songs... in pubs


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Last night, I was in a bar with a Karoke... they had a coldplay song and since I had my coldplay t shirt on.. I was made to sing it....


personal note to chris martin..... my singing was very bad.....sorry !.! However i did beat my competion...

Speed of Sound was the one they had... its more tricky...


Question if you was in a pub... which coldplay song would you sing... on a karoke...

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I think Speed of Sound would be the easiest, I guess.. with not too many high notes and not too fast lines and all!


I once found this super-cool site where you can sing karaoke at home - it also features Clocks :D It's fun to do when you're alone at home, sitting in front of the computer and singing your heart out, you should try it (it has lots of other cool songs as well):



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