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Ondes Martenot

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seriously, i was living there for a quite long time and i know that people are quite temperamental, but this is just worse than anything i've previosuly expected...



this is how they celebrated the anniversary of the 56's revolution on Monday:






more videos and the antecedents on the same page


P.S if you wouldnt' know why is all this situation:


a tape on which the PM Ferenc Gyurcsany is lying about the economical situation of Hungary has leaked weeks ago (he was also swearing at Hungary itself!!)...and naturally people started reacting, protesting and unfortunately even fighting...

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So what is going on in Hungary at the moment?


well, life goes on...


people are keeping to demonstrate, though not as many as previously...some of them reporting the policemen, who were too aggresive during the demonstrations on 23rd, at courts etc.


it's still a chaos, actually. as it was during the last years, although now it's visual

i don't really know what to expect, anything can happen till the PM (Gyurcsány) stays in the parlament ;)

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I think nothing will happen..they just won't let it.

The prime minister will stay in the parliment and life goes on as you said..


I live here and I blame the media for this that people go and fight..they just showed those parts where he's swearing at the country etc.. and people saw only that....I read the whole record and I think he just told that nobody wanted to tell..that Hungary has to change and nobody did anything in the last 15 years and a lot of other things..


So all in all those people who fight with the police didn't hear half of that record just those sentences that tv showed everywhere..

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