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CHRIST De Burgh??


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Chris de Burgh healed my withered arm claims author


By LUCRETIA MUNRO Last updated at 18:19pm on 25th October 2006 commentIconSm.gif

chrisdeburgh_228x298.jpgMarisa Mackle says Chris de Burgh healed her arm with his 'healing hands'




When he claimed to have 'healing hands', people were understandably sceptical.

But an author has stepped forward claiming she is living proof that singer Chris De Burgh can work miracles.

According to Marisa Mackle, 33, De Burgh healed her arm, which was paralysed after an accident, simply by laying his hand on different areas of it.

Miss Mackle, whose novels include The Mile High Guy, said the improvement was dramatic and she was immediately able to lift a glass.

"When the accident happened one doctor rather cruelly told me I would never play the piano again and that I may not regain the use of my baby finger.

"Yet the day after Chris' treatment I could use my little finger and was playing piano within weeks', she said yesterday.

Miss Mackle had been trying to break into her home after forgetting her keys when she slashed her arm on a broken pane of glass, losing several pints of blood.

Miss Mackle said: "There was a crack in one of the panes of glass in the door so I decided to push it in. But I ended up shoving it with all my force and my arm went through the door.

"It was slashed to the bone and the blood was pumping everywhere and I thought I'm not going to make it," she said.

She underwent six hours of surgery but her arm remained paralysed and doctors told her it would take two years for movement to return and she might never regain the full use of it.

Three months later the writer got in touch with De Burgh, 56, after having dinner with his daughter, former Miss World Rosanna Davidson.

Irish born Miss Mackle told Miss Davidson what had happened and how physio was not helping.

"The next thing she told me her dad Chris was a really good healer. My arm was covered in a bandage and was very badly scarred.

"I also came from a family of doctors so I was more than sceptical about the whole ordeal.

"But I was suffering from intense pain and would have done anything to stop that, so I said OK," she told The Sun.

When De Burgh arrived to pick up his daughter, he sat down beside Miss Mackle and began to place his hands on the scarred area.

The Lady in Red singer mentioned that he was looking for the heat spot and began to concentrate his palms on specific areas in a bid to cure her paralysis.

The following day, Miss Mackle claims she was back at her typewriter using both hands.

Even her physiotherapist was forced to admit she had made 'unbelievable progress', Miss Mackle said.

Earlier this month De Burgh caused controversy after declaring he could perform miracles like Jesus.

In an interview with Gloria Hunniford on BBC1's Heaven and Earth show, he revealed he had healed a man who was unable to walk.

He said: "I have found myself able to cure people with my hands. I met someone in the West Indies who was not able to walk. I put my hands on him and he was able to get up."

On the Sunday show, De Burgh added: "I have to stress that I think we all have this facility."

His claims came under attack by experts who described them as 'potentially harmful'.

Dr Shawn Treweek, from the charity organisation Sense About Science said: "While the act of placing your hands on someone's knee or ankle is not, in itself, going to cause damage, there is more worrying potential for harm if it means that people with serious injury will want to see him rather than a doctor."

Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society, said De Burgh was 'deluded'.

At the time Miss Hunniford him saying:"Chris wasn't making any fantastic claims other than he felt he had some sort of an ability to help cure people."

And now, Miss Mackle has also stood by the singer. She added: "Chris is not some crook setting up a stall in a market looking for money for a service. He just saw me in pain and helped me."

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