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Im gonna start a band

General Qwerty Waluigi

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you can always try ebay and find one for only 1000-1500$. rarely there are auctions of me. but those are used Ondes Martenots. USED!!! yes.gif

I don't wanna used one :anxious: I need it to be my My only :laugh1:

I guess I'm gonna save money from now to get you when I'm 20 or whatever.

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yeah' date=' baby. one Ondes for you, one for you and you and you :charming:[/quote']

Ok I don't need a collection here... I need one, the others can go whereever they want to :smartass:


Though that's kinda confusing, I thought Ondes is the one and only :anxious: (clones! :uhoh: )

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