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Jonny's Amps?


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Yes ive tried all 3 models of the Hot Rod Series, and yes im buying them to complete a Coldplay rig. And what I mean is that im in no shortage of money but if im going to drop that much for two amps, for that purpose, I want to make sure that their the right ones. I dont want to go out and buy two 410's and later find out that Jonny uses the 212 model. I guess I could just get both but id rather not...

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ok, then that makes sense. i'm pretty sure he uses a 410, i know i've read it somewhere, and plus you have a second opinion on that. either way, the 410 is more power. the only problem is that just by having the same amp, you can't sound like jonny without perfect mic placement. mic placement can either ruin or keep your sound.

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Does jonny use Hot Rod DeVille 410's or 212's once and for all? I cant figure it out for sure because there both so similar... if anyone has pics or other proof please inform me thanks!


maybe is too late but this is the first back pic that i saw for the amp .. :stunned:



Shot at 2007-07-13



what do you think ..? but tellme is there a diference between 212 and 410 , or is just the speaker .. because both are of 60 w...

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