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when you fall in a bottom less pit, you die of starvation

General Qwerty Waluigi

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Yeah' date=' but you'd eventually die from falling so fast at an ever-increasing speed. Morbid, me? :uhoh:[/quote']


Actually, it depends on whether or not there was any atmosphere where you were falling. If there was, you would quickly reach your terminal velocity and keep a steady speed after that.


If there wasn't any atmosphere, you would die from the lack of oxygen before you died from speed.


But for it to be a bottomless pit rather than just freefall, you would have to either have an endless earth for the pit to go into, or you would have to have the pit come out of the other end of the earth (or whichever planet you were on), which could potentially mess up the rotation if it was actually possible for such a pit to exist near the earth's core.


Yeah, now you know the sorts of things I spend way too much time thinking about... :thinking: :embarassed:

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