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The Day of Fighting with AIDS


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I'm almost sure I spelled it wrong but I'm also sure you get what I mean. Today is the international day of fighting with AIDS.

I just want to know if there was anything special AIDS connected in your country today. Like, we had a lecture in school. It was about relations between people with AIDS and healthy people. How it's important to not discriminate people with AIDS, because they're also people and their sickness is not the reason for aversion and all. They also were talking about sexual relationship with such people, how we all should use condoms and all that stuff.

Nothing new to tell the truth but I'm glad that Russian schools don't ignore that problem.

Though I'm not sure any of the children and teens in my school were interested in this lecture. All they were happy about is that they didn't have to go to the maths.

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I think in our school there wasn't even a mention of it.......but think there is a lot about it on german TV.....and maybe I didn't know that there was something in our school...because we are the seniors and heard those things veeeeeery often....maybe they tell those things to the students in 8th grade (when they are 14 or 15.....);)

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Huh.... That's weird.... I thought that if even in Russia people talk about that then there must be at least a mention in other countries.


There's even a concert in my city today.... Nothing special, just some bands (Splean :blush:), but this concert is also related to the AIDS day. And we have all these red ribbons on every corner.

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had that girl visiting us at school who was HIV-positive.

it was back in the summer this year.

very interesting to see someone fight against their virus with so much strength.

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