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ok...this thread is dedicated to the coolest sites on the net!! post sites that blow u away coz of their layout...design....flash.....or anything else having to do with multimedia!! i hope this thread get attention :roll: ...coz its great (one of my biggest interests :) )


im gonna start with the following:


my fav site nowadays - bionic system - a german based company that creates websites...logos....fonts etc



WARNING!!! if u havent got a fast connection...forget it!





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haha okay :) hey whyd you bail on me when we were talking on pm INMAN!!!!! :x :x :x :x



coz i f*cking hate it when you call me INMAN!!!!!!! :x ....nah its just i had to go & eat but then my mom had forgotten to buy the baguette so she had to go and get it....so i stayed a bit longer! capisce! :D

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