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Liverpool band


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haha...I can't stand that song...or any band that plays it. There are actually a few good Canadian bands coming out of the East Coast here I've been enjoying and I think you would too tracy....but maybe we shuold talk about this in the brit pop thread you started.

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Sure. Feel free to post some names. I've played Sweet Home in various bands on guitar, bass, piano, and vocals...I played in those bands to pay the bills. I swore a couple of years ago I'd never play it again. I won't even let ppl play it on my guitar...SKYNNERD COOTIES!:laugh3: :laugh3:


ANyway, if I ever move to England, I'll send Fixed an email, otherwise, I'll quit spamming up this thread,lol.:lol:

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Heh... I wish I could play well enough to be in a band... and I wish I lived in Liverpool. But I don't.


I still like to keep track of musician wanted adds... they're almost always for Nickleback wannabes... :confused: :laugh3:


Nickleback cover bands would be a step forward here,lol

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