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how did your taste in music change?

Petit Prince

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i wasnt sure where to put this. maybe this should be in the world of music section but i put it in the lounge because it isnt about an artist or a band. sorry if i was wrong.

so how did your taste in music change? do you think it just changed with your age or do you think its mostly friends who influenced it?

my taste in music's changed a lot i supposed. i listened to girl- and boygroups when i was a kid like most did probably. then there was a time when all my friends got into rap and r'n'b, i bought a few records and also liked some of it but i still listened to some pop suff even though i wouldnt have admitted it. then i got into indie/ alternative. i still like it but my music tastes more diverse now. i dont care that much what other people think about the music i listen to anymore.

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Guest Grace


the first real band i've listened to was The Vines.

loved them... yeah, and then influenced by some guy i got into metal and nu metal. horrible phase. listened to shit like Slipknot and Korn. okay, they've got a few descent songs, but that's about it. [still, i wish i had never happened...]

then i stopped seeing those people that made me get into metal and my taste in music changed again.

got into progressive rock and started like bands such as A Perfect Circle and Tool.

then i got to grunge. listened to Pearl Jam a lot. never liked Nirvana, though. only a few songs.

then i got totally into Britpop.

Blur, Oasis,... and of course i started liking Indie (although i dislike those chicks that dress "indie"). Babyshambles, Franz Ferdinand... all that kinda stuff.

somewhere among those bands i started liking Coldplay (was pretty much in the beginning).

over the years i developed a very diverse taste.

pretty proud of it because i am really open for anything (except for rap).

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when i was at the age of 11 / 12 i listened to backstreet boys and spice girls, i don't have any shame to admit that. Afterwards, i suppose i got tired and i listened to what was on the radio: you can imagine what...very commercial stuff. i was very influenciable. then i got very obsessed with music of my own country, so i didn't want to know anything 'bout "foreign" music. it was a silly period, i know. then, there was a new stage in which i used to say: "oh, well, i pick up the best songs of every band, so i don't miss any band" but i was wrong, 'cos i actually didn't know how they really are 'cos i was judging 'em by one or two songs.

finally, i discovered coldplay - in my place was the song. i remember i liked it a lot, but i didnt' get obsessed with 'em. some months later, i heard clocks and i thought: woah, that song is good. i downloaded some of their stuff and i liked 'em. then i got obsessed: "there's no music beyond coldplay". that was the sentence that could sum up my musical world. Sad, i know.

Now i feel like discovering new bands, i specially like indie music.


and about your question, i'm a bit influenced by what they listen to, but if i don't like it, i don't. :laugh4:

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The first band I listened to was Linkin Park. I was mad about them, from then I started to get into metal and hard rock, getting into bands like System of a Down and Rage Against the Machine. Then suddenly I heard Coldplay on the radio and just started to get into similar sort of rock: Oasis, Blur, R.E.M etc.


Then Radiohead happened, and I don't really listen to much else anymore. Sigur Ros were recommended to me by a few people, and I found out about "post-rock" and my life changed. Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You!Black Emperor et al completely blew me away.


I also have always been a great lover of classical and jazz. Two very brilliant genres.

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My taste in music has definitely changed. I used to be one of those kids who would try to get into all the music everyone else liked. Even if I didn't really like it, I'd listen to it anyways, because everyone else was. God I hated that. I wish I never did that. Looking back, the kind of music I was listening to was pathetic.



Then two years ago I found Coldplay, and everything changed completely.

When I got into Coldplay, I also got into other great bands. Coldplay changed my life, and they changed my music taste as well. Also, they made me appreciate The Beatles and U2 and other great bands more.


Now I never listen to mainstream music anymore. It's just horrible and completely boring. I recently found the alternative station in Philly, and I listen to it while I'm doing my homework.


So while every teenybopper at my school is raving about Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (which by the way cannot decide either they should do punk or nu metal...:rolleyes:) and Panic! At the Disco (I'm not gonna say anything about that...), I can with confidence, and with a smile on my face, say that I listen to Coldplay. And that I don't give a shit what they are listening to.


So my music taste changed because of Coldplay. Thank you, Guy, Chris, Will and Jonny, for your good work.

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The first time I saw the video for By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers.


It was a good few years ago when I was still only listening to music because everyone else was. I was like, 11 or 12, so still finding my feet and developing my personality.


Anyhow, to cut the story short, I bought the By The Way album and my music taste buds developed right there and then.


I probably say it far too much, but the album changed my life. I don't think I'd be on this forum without it. If I didn't find that music when I did, I would have ended up liking all the dance music, and would have thought of Coldplay as some depressing nerd music.


Luckily I found the Chili's then :P




Oh, and if you want a happy ending...


The Chili's toured England last year for the first time since I've been old enough to be allowed to go. Of course, I had massive kidney problems and couldn't get tickets cause hospitals aren't big on that, apparently.


Well, I was gonna travel to Europe in the summer and see them play, since they getting old and I couldn't miss out.


They announced a show in Scotland earlier this month. And I got tickets this morning. It's honestly brightened my otherwise horrible week :D


And tehy all lived happily ever after. :)

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Then two years ago I found Coldplay, and everything changed completely.

When I got into Coldplay, I also got into other alternative bands. Coldplay changed my life, and they changed my music taste as well.


Whoa, that's excatly what happened to me.


I used to listen all kind of shit that came out of the radio.. I used to listen to Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Spice Girls when i was about 8-10..then i started to listen some other horrible music..When i was about 11 or 12 i got totally obsessed with a finnish band The Rasmus, haha, they were better back then btw!! :lol:


When i was 13 i just listened to CRAP, like dance/trance etc.. I also listened to just some random songs..like The Scientist, some Red Hot Chili Pepper's songs, creep and some placebo songs i used to play with an ex-friend of mine.


Then finally i found Coldplay and it was the only band for me..at least for half a year or something. After becoming a coldplay fan i started to listen more "indie rock" or however you want to call it, like Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and also Death Cab For Cutie, Sigur Rós..all the good stuff.


Btw, i had to read the title of this thread about 3 times before i got it.

I read "How did your music taste taste?" for example :wacko:

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like 3 years ago il iked rap and pop like eminem, nelly, jessica simpson, basically whatever was on the radio, then i slowly started to listen to rock with bands such as coldplay, dispatch, matchbox 20 and now i'm all about rock

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I used to listen to a lot of rap and hip hop. My favorite artist used to be eminem. I don't know what happened / I really didn't start listening to rock until I heard maps by YYY. :D Then I thought, "Is the other music that sounds like this any good?" And yeah, that's it.


I remember I used to dispise the White Stripes. But that was years ago. :P

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Well, I was raised on classical music. All modern music was bad and scary and evil (although my mom always had a thing for Nana Mouskouri) so I wasn't allowed to listen to it.


When I was about 9 or 10, I saw these women singing on tv in a strange language, and it was by far the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. The women were part of The Rankin Family. They're from Cape Breton Nova Scotia, and they sing mostly traditional Scottish music, very often in Gaelic.

That was the point my musical life changed for the first time. I really learned to love music because of them, and I started to listen to all sorts of Celtic music, from the Chieftans, to the Barra McNeils, to later on Loreena McKennit, to eventually many years later yes, even Riverdance. Many, many years later it was Great Big Sea with their mix of Traditional and Rock music that sort of helped me transition into poppier stuff.


Some people wonder why I never went against my parents rules about music. The truth is, I never had to. Anything that I ever heard being played on the radio or at friends' houses was never as beautiful as the stuff I listened to. I had my Celtic music, and I listened to alot of soundtracks and that was enough for me. I have always had a thing for dance music type stuff, but I always felt guilty about it so I never listened.


Not to mention that I was in high school just when grunge was winding down and the really cheesy pop stuff was getting popular. Most class of 2000-ish kids were in a really weird gap that way- too young to get Nirvana and too old to take the Backstreet Boys all that seriously.


Well I was happy with the status quo, but my younger siblings weren't. My sister got into all the really nasty pop stuff, and my brother started listening to stuff like OLP, Moby, Linkin Park, Filter, Massive Attack, and especially The Chemical Brothers. My brother and my dad started fighting alot and well... let's just say he went through a weird phase until my parents eventually just gave up.


I was sort of absorbing all this stuff but I didn't really know what to make of it and I couldn't find anything I really liked. When you've grown up listening to stuff based on pure melody, cheesy pop stuff sounds really fake, and my brother's stuff was all weird and scary and no one else had heard of most of it. It took me years before I realised just how cool alot of it was.


My second big change came the day I heard Clocks in a store. It was beautiful. And it had melody and stuff. I had to find out what it was. Turned out it was by this band a friend of mine liked called Coldplay. I was instantly obsessed. When I came here, I found out about all sorts of great bands from the music section. When I heard some of Coldplay’s really early stuff (eg. Bigger Stronger), I blindly stumbled into the indie world to try to find something else that sounded like that. Working backwards got me into Britpop, which then got me into stuff like (surprise surprise) the Chemical Brothers. (Yay for full circles.) When new wave made a comeback, I found another genre I really liked.


Eventually I found my footing and started to figure out what was what, and the rest is history.


And wow… that’s was really long.

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  • 5 months later...

it hasn't changed very much.... when i was 10 all my classmates listened to spice girls or back street boys and stuff like that... but at that age i began to like The Police and Mike Oldfield mainly :)

When i started high school, i began to listen Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin, so the 4 bands are my classics :nice:


some classmates made jokes about, how i could be listening an old band... :dozey: i didn't mind what they told me i listen what i want, i don't owe them to listen other bands....


so i think that my taste in music hasn't changed that much, i always prefer english music to spanish... and rock music. :cool4:

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It did. In 5th grade i was listening to The Kelly Family ( :laugh4: ) and then to a Slovene pop singer (who was good back then but now she's not that good anymore) and slowly I started listening to rock. Firstly there was Siddharta, then came other rock groups, I also listened to some metal (Metallica and Apocalyptica) but then I found Coldplay (3 years ago I think) and began to listen to a softer music. And now, Radiohead. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

When I was like 6,7,8 I listened to Britney Spears and backstreet boys and junk... then a bit later music just like totally fell out of my life and I have no idea what I was doing, I know I loved Clocks and Maroon 5 and I don't remember much else...then in summer 2005 I heard Speed of Sound and I was like 'Heyy....that's Coldplay...they sing clocks don't they? Hmm...I think this might be the band for me...' so I bought their albums and for a few months I thought there was no music beyond Coldplay (sad right?) and I was just totally obsessed. THEN... I discovered Radiohead which was just like total turning point in my life and made me who I am today. Then later I signed up at Coldplaying, which is amazing and I'll stay here with my friends even if I suddenly randomly start to hate coldplay (not that that would happen :P).


So anyway, to sum it up even though Coldplay is not my favorite band, I really have to give them props for changing my music taste and actually helping me realize what type of music I like!


(Ps. I just reread my post and it kind of seems like I only listen to two bands, which isn't true. I now have tons and tons of different bands that I'm just discovering or have loved for ages. I also like The Killers, Muse, Pink Floyd, Travis, Jack Johnson, Yeah Yeah yeahs....etc etc. Just making that clear :P)

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Guest LiquidSky

Well.. I wouldn't say that it changed because of friends. Honestly, I don't think it has changed at all. My music taste has no borders and no limits. :nice: I get ask a lot of times why I listen to music I don't understand the lyrics to. Well sometimes it's not about what the song says but about how you feel the beat or the song...you know.

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