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my dog was dreaming with it's eyes open.


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Okay, so I let my dog sleep on my bed today while I was on the comp, and it started breathing weird, and at first I thought he couldn't breath because he was taking really shallow breaths and his eyes were open and blank looking, then he started barking and moving his legs a little, so I figured he was dreaming. :freak: O.o His eyes were kinda rolled back a little. Really creeped me out. O.o


Ever witnessed your dog dreaming?


edit: O.o He's doing it again--ew, I can see the nictitating membrane thing over his eye. O.o

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Haha, been there.

I love to watch when my dog is about to fall asleep and her eyes turn upside down, haha. But then she's trying to fight to not to fall asleep and her eyes go back to normal and then 3 seconds later the same happens again :P

And it's super funny when her legs and tail are moving and she makes weird noises. She doesn't do it often anymore though.. :(

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