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'Clocks' the most beautiful song according to italian fans


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On Coldplayzone.it, the contest 'Til Winner Come has closed. The focus of this contest was to determinate the most beautiful Coldplay song, according to italian fans.

Here the classification:


1. Clocks

2. Fix You

3. The Scientist

4. Don't Panic

5. Yellow

6. In My Place

7. Trouble

8. Warning Sign

9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

10. Gravity

11. Shiver

12. Spies

13. A Rush Of Blood To The Head

14. Swallowed In The Sea

15. Amsterdam

16. White Shadows

17. Green Eyes

18. Everything's Not Lost

19. Moses

20. A Message

21. Square One

22. Politik

23. Brothers & Sisters

24. One I Love

25. Sparks

26. See You Soon

27. 'Til Kingdom Come

28. Speed Of Sound

29. Low

30. Live Forever (Oasis Cover)

31. Life Is For Living

32. Where Is My Boy (feat. Faultline)

33. I Ran Away

34. Your Love Means Everything (feat. Faultline)

35. Ladder To The Sun

36. In The Sun (feat. Michael Stipe)

37. How You See The World

38. The Hardest Part

39. Talk (First Version)

40. Talk

41. Things I Don't Understand

42. We Never Change

43. High Speed

44. Animals

45. Careful Where You Stand

46. Bigger Stronger

47. Murder

48. Proof

49. Ode To Deodorant

50. No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground

51. X&Y

52. Daylight

53. For You

54. What If

55. A Ghost

56. 2000 Miles (The Pretenders Cover)

57. Parachutes

58. Easy To Please

59. Idiot

60. Such A Rush

61. Harmless

62. A Whisper

63. 1.36

64. Help Is Round The Corner

65. Your World Turned Upside Down

66. Crests Of Waves

67. Sleeping Sun

68. Until The Water Flows

69. Oh, Sweet Mary

70. Only Superstition

71. Pour Me

72. Twisted Logic

73. The World Turned Upside Down

74. I Bloom Blaum


Your opinions?

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I've never heard of Oh Sweet Mary or Until The Water Flows. does anyone have a copy they could send me please :D


Oh sweet Mary = Sweet Marianne I guess


And until the water flows = Solid ground.


Daylight, I bloom blaum, for you, sparks arobtth and the nicest b sides aren't high enough!!!

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