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I have just discovered the best vintage store in Montreal

Sweet One

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Unfortunately, i don't know what it's called b/c i couldn't make out the writing, it's on St. Laurent near St. Catherine...hahaha..but FUCK! The greatest vintage clothing ever!! It's dirt cheap as well. I bought a lot of clothing there this morning and i can't help staring at this wicked jacket i bought. Plus, i bought a cool ass fedora there!


Just thought i'd share my happiness. :D

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holly fuck you shouldn`t have posted this here cuz you have no idea how much i envy you now!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: i absolutely luff vintage clothes and to find them in my country is 'to turn a blizzard to a breeze' (hehe you know where i got that line from). gosh!!!! i want a vintage shop in my hometown, on my street, fuck i want to own one!!!!!!!!

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Come to montreal and visit me Kasia..hahah :lol:




i booked a flight for tonight

i`ll be there tomorrow so wipe out your sorrow

wait for me there we`ll make the trade fair

montreal rulez cuz it has no fools


crap i just found out the rhcp are playing in philly on my bday!



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